An overview of the exhibition:

setting up the exhibition:

The Future Ruins week has come to a close, but the publication is in the works!!
Thank you everyone for coming out! 


Lecture Wednesday May 29th at 1400 at the BAS large auditorium.

Lecture details :
Dan Dorocic &  Alison Hugill   

Hidemi Nishida

Ellen Ringstad

Opening Night !!

Monday May 27th Opening:

Setting up

We have started to partition the Exhibition space in the Silo and some of the artists have started on their works.

Putting up posters for FUTURE RUINS exhibition around Bergen!

Setting up the exhibition

We printed posters today! Check them out:

Thank you everyone for your submissions! 
We received almost 100 amazing submissions andhave chosen the 13 to be exhibited in "Future Ruins".

See you on May 27th.

The layout of the exhibition

Deadline has now passed!
Thank you for your submissions.

Starter from tzch on Vimeo.